Vuelta Group


Indiana Production is an Italian production company founded in 2005. It produces films, TV series, documentaries, and commercials with a focus on quality storytelling and innovative projects. Indiana Production has a strong reputation for collaborating with international filmmakers and is committed to promoting Italian cinema both domestically and globally.


Pan is a leading independent distributor and production company in France. Since 1989, Pan’s objective has been to focus on quality auteur and commercial films. Pan continues to grow its production horizon with a first animation project currently in pre-production.


Playtime specialises in the production, sales and distribution of feature films, TV series and documentaries. Founded in 1997, the company represents a diverse portfolio of films from both established and emerging talents, and is known for its commitment to bring quality and innovative content to audiences around the world.


Scanbox is a Nordic film distribution company that acquires, distributes, produces and markets feature films for cinemas, home entertainment and television. Established in 1980, the company has a library of more than 1,000 titles, including acclaimed international and Scandinavian films. Scanbox operates in the Nordic region and is a leader in the distribution of quality cinema.

Squareone Entertainment

SquareOne Group is a German-based  production and distribution company. It produces and distributes feature films and TV series for its local and international audiences. The company has a particular focus on developing and producing high-quality films and series with strong storytelling and a unique vision, as it works closely with established talent in the industry to grow and expand its reach.

Vuelta Group